What We’re Looking Forward to at This Year’s ISTE Conference!

There are only a couple weeks until the 2018 ISTE Conference & Expo, one of the top recognized educational technology conferences in the world. This year, ISTE is being held in the vibrant city of Chicago on June 24th through 27th, with over 16,000 educators from all over the globe expected to attend. ISTE offers attendees the opportunity to enjoy world-class keynote speakers, participate in a wide variety of sessions about things like creating STEAM makerspace programs and using technology to learn about other cultures, and walk through a massive expo hall featuring hundreds of edtech vendors. At the same time, educators will engage in hands-on learning experiences and network with like-minded individuals who want to witness the transformation of teaching and learning through technology.

ISTE stands for The International Society for Technology in Education, and works with the global education community to promote the use of technology in education. They believe technology is a resourceful tool in solving hard-hitting problems and sparking innovation.

Transforming Teaching and Learning

This year ISTE is offering nearly 1,200 sessions throughout the conference, and a schedule of the sessions is available online. Each session includes a brief description, along with its area of focus, and the skill level, grade level, and subject area the session pertains to. This allows you to design a personalized schedule to fit your individual needs, and is a tool to help optimize how you spend your time during the conference.

The ability to incorporate technology into the classroom well is a necessary skill for educators to have in this day and age. Each session gives attendees the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills no matter their level of comfort with technology. Without the proper training and skills, technology may not be incorporated efficiently and effectively in the education system, so make sure to attend one of the hundreds of sessions to help refine your skills and learn about the ever-changing edtech industry.

What Else Will I Get if I Attend?

A projected 550 education companies will be exhibiting in the enormous expo hall of the McCormick Place West Building. Technology is forever evolving and attendees will have the opportunity to experience products firsthand and learn from other educators and vendors at the hundreds of booths. During your time spent wandering through the hall, make sure to chat with the company reps to learn about the latest offerings in technology solutions and products to help your students and staff.

Another benefit of attending is the free ISTE membership you will receive after you register for the conference. With this membership, you receive year-round access to learning materials and resources approved by fellow educators. Also included in the membership is the ISTE member magazine, conference videos, webinars, discounts on certain items, and access to the ISTE job board, just to name a few.

The ISTE Conference & Expo is known as one of the most influential edtech events in the world and is a must for educators to attend. Every educator is encouraged to attend and take part in this conference, so if you are having trouble explaining to your school why you should attend, ISTE has even provided some tips and a customizable letter to give to your principal or district leader that explains the importance and value of attending this year’s ISTE conference.

If you are still thinking twice about taking part in this globally recognized, most comprehensive edtech conference of the year, remember this is an invaluable opportunity to network with fellow educators from around the world, hear from inspirational speakers, and meet enterprising vendors with new products and solutions. During the conference, you’ll encounter innovative ideas and solutions that you can implement into your own school or classroom to better help your students. Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity! Hope to see you there!

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