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American Education Week 2017: What Are We Doing Well? [Infographic]

Each year, American Education Week provides an opportunity to celebrate public education and honor the teachers, administrators, and educational professionals who are making a difference. Since the first observance in 1921, the National Education Association, American Legion, US Office of Education, and PTA join together with other partners to emphasize the importance of public schools and to support public education. Though there will always be room for improvement, there are many things being done well in US public education. This week helps us to remember those things, while also considering how we can expand on them to continue providing quality education to millions of students.

The National Education Association uses each day of American Education Week to recognize different groups of educators, so be sure to thank someone every day this week!

American Education Week 2017

Monday, November 13: Kickoff Day

Celebrate excellence at your school. What makes your students and staff special? (Probably many of the things we identify below!)

Tuesday, November 14: Parents Day

Invite parents into the classroom and provide ways that they can help ensure student success.

Wednesday, November 15: Education Support Professionals Day

ESPs help keep schools running and students safe, healthy, and ready to learn. Take this day to thank them for their dedication to students.

Thursday, November 16: Educator for a Day

An average of only 20% of a community’s adult population has school-aged children, so many may not be aware of the current challenges facing educators. This day allows schools to invite the community into the classroom so they can understand what our schools do. Check out the toolkit here.

Friday, November 17: Substitute Educators Day

Considering up to 10% of a student’s education is taught by a substitute teacher, it’s important to take time to recognize their impact.

What Is US Public Education Doing Well?

Infographic by Skylar Mowery.


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