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Design the Best Online Learning Program You Can (With a Little Help)

Online and blended learning can be implemented in countless ways, so how can you best figure out how to do it successfully? Drawing inspiration from other schools or districts that have built some of the best online learning programs is one easy way to get started. Below are the stories of 5 students, schools, and districts who have found success with their particular implementation.

CTE Program Enables Students to Learn Online and in the Field: Career and Technical Education continues to be important for many students, which is why Hamilton County Schools created their Mechatronics Akademie at Volkswagen. Students in the program spend half their day completing coursework using Edgenuity®, and the other half getting technical training at VW Chattanooga. Graduates leave with a high-school diploma and more than 40 credit hours, which they can use to earn their associate’s degree within one year of graduating.

Online Summer School Provides Resources to Help Struggling Students: For students who want to (or need to) work ahead, summer school can be a game changer. Students in the Toll Gate High School summer school program in Warwick, RI like the flexibility Edgenuity offers, and teachers like how easy it is for them to check on their students’ work and progress.

Earning a High School Diploma Opens Doors for Adult Learners: The difference between being a qualified job candidate with a GED and one with a high school diploma can be big enough that the first candidate isn’t even considered. With that in mind, Simpson County Schools in Kentucky has been building Fresh Start Academy for adults to use Edgenuity to earn their high school diplomas. After the success they experienced using the online courses in their summer school, they chose to expand its use to help a wider group of learners.

Online Learning Helps Teen Go from Being an F Student to Student of the Month: Some students struggle with school at a young age, and find it hard to catch up later in life. For 17-year old Sean Garrett, his involvement with drugs and alcohol severely hampered his education, until his friend was tragically killed. That event caused Sean to turn his life around and re-commit to focusing on school, helping him turn his 0.0 GPA into a 3.0 in a short time using Edgenuity.

Students Take More Ownership over Their Education with Online Curriculum: Flex Academy students are responsible for driving their own learning, using both classroom instruction and Edgenuity’s digital curriculum. With the data the programs and solutions collect, students determine what their learning gaps are and figure out how to work past them; student-centered learning in the truest sense!

Check out this post if you’re looking for more guidance on getting started with blended learning, and if you’d like to learn more about how your school community can benefit from online and blended learning, find the information you need here.

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