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10 Inspirational Quotes Celebrating Black History Month and Black Americans

Honoring and celebrating Black History Month in the classroom can take many forms, from reading African-American literature to listening to jazz to learning about and even eating soul food. The options are endless for educators, but for those looking for a little inspiration, we’re highlighting quotes from 10 Black Americans that speak to the strength of the human spirit.

Read the words these writers, musicians, trailblazers, and more had to say that inspire us at Where Learning Clicks, and we hope will inspire you, too, as you and your students spend time celebrating Black History Month.

Katherine Johnson

Toni Morrison

Ruby Bridges

Lewis Howard Latimer

Eunice Hunton Carter

Maya Angelou

Charlie Parker

James Baldwin

Duke Ellington

Mae Jemison

How are you celebrating Black History Month, and what stories and words from Black Americans inspire you? We’d love to hear from you—share your lesson plans, inspirational quotes, and stories with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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