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Digital Learning Day, Every Day

Digital Learning Day, March 13, is next month. It is a day when everyone invested and interested in #EdTech can come together to celebrate the importance of how technology is transforming education. In online and offline events there is an exchange of ideas, awareness of the lack of accessibility of technology, and discussions on what it means to go digital.

Social media is where the magic happens.

Searching for the hashtag “#DLDay” on social media will allow you to see what people are already saying and planning for Digital Learning Day. It is a way to engage in the conversation, connect with educators across the US, and help you figure out your own #DLDay plans. Take a look at last year’s social media highlights!

Plan something for your classroom or school.

The Digital Learning Day website does a great job of explaining how you can get started by showing you how to plan, celebrate, and share all things #EdTech. You can join in events already scheduled, or plan and add your own to their event map. There is everything from small group sessions where educators come together to discuss digital learning to lesson plans and activities you can incorporate into your classroom. Whatever you choose to do—big or small—just find a way to participate.

Digital Learning Day is not once a year.

#DLDay may officially happen once a year, but it is truly every day. March 13 will serve to remind people to share ideas and give them a platform to do so. But honestly, that platform is always at your fingertips. That is the beauty of digital learning. There are #EdChats happening daily and they run the gamut when it comes to technology in education. You can end up talking to someone in your district about how to be a digital pen pal with an educator across the world, or talk to an educator across the world about their access to Internet in the classroom. So take a look at the website, see what this #DLDay is all about, and join in the conversation, no matter what day it is.

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Desiree Samson

Desiree graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in English Education. While she intended to become a secondary English teacher, she soon discovered a vast opportunity in the world of education marketing. In the spring of 2013, she joined the Edgenuity team. While there, she took to Twitter and all things social media on behalf of the company. Using knowledge accumulated while spending over three years helping another small organization with its social media efforts and staying steeped in social media trends, she was soon marketing for Edgenuity in 140 characters or less.