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Distance Learning Guidance for Families [Video]

Families of school-aged children are juggling lots of new responsibilities and questions right now. Will my child be able to work at home without me monitoring them all day? Will teachers have enough time to dedicate to my child with their new responsibilities? How does online learning stack up against in-person instruction?

Answering some of these questions is easy. (Possibly, depending on their age. With the right training and resources, absolutely. And when online learning is done well, there’s no loss of rigor or quality—in fact, some students may argue it’s more difficult!) But there are surely dozens, if not hundreds, more questions that are not as easy to answer.

While no one can anticipate and plan for every challenge that lies ahead, what we can do is help address some of the major concerns families are facing. From the basics like how to get started, to the more complex like how do I monitor my child’s progress, we’ve developed resources that share distance learning guidance for families to make things easier.

Your child’s school or district is going to be your best resource for information, and that information may change over time. Regardless, you can rest easy knowing that there are a few small things you can do to improve the distance learning experience for you, your child, and their teachers, as described in this video:

We have more distance learning guidance for families to share, too:

hand holding a heart iconThese next few months may be a challenging time of trial and error, both in your household and with your child’s school. Our top priority here at Where Learning Clicks and Edgenuity® is helping your student be successful, so know that even though they may not be going into school every day, your student can still receive a high-quality and engaging education from dedicated instructors that moves them forward in their learning.

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