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Get Connected During Connected Educator Month

The back-to-school season and everything that goes with it—including meet and greets, seating charts, and learning new student names—is out with the summer, as classrooms across the US are officially in full swing and have headed into fall. This new season means holiday decorations abound in stores, pumpkin spice everything is everywhere, temperatures are dropping, and holiday recipes are being pinned like crazy on Pinterest. But with the start of October, for educators, it means Connected Educator Month (#CE14) is officially here!

So, what are you waiting for? Get Connected!

What is Connected Educator Month?

Connected Educator Month was developed by the US Department of Education and “offers highly distributed, diverse, and engaging activities to educators at all levels.” Schools are no longer silos. A teacher from a small, rural town can connect with a teacher in a big city or on the other side of the world while sitting at home in a comfy chair, smartphone in hand, drinking a pumpkin-spice-something. This month is about taking what you know and all you have experienced and sharing it with others, learning from and building relationships with educators, and seeing how education practices vary worldwide.

How do I get connected?

The website  is full of great resources. Here are some links to get you connecting:

  1. The Connected Educator Starter Kit
  2. The events calendar
  3. A toolkit to advertise at your school and on social media
  4.  Search/use the hashtag “#CE14” on Twitter to join in the conversation

From webinars to book groups, and from Twitter chats to Google Hangouts, Connected Educator Month has you covered. There is always something you can teach, and always something you can learn, so get connected!

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Desiree Samson

Desiree graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in English Education. While she intended to become a secondary English teacher, she soon discovered a vast opportunity in the world of education marketing. In the spring of 2013, she joined the Edgenuity team. While there, she took to Twitter and all things social media on behalf of the company. Using knowledge accumulated while spending over three years helping another small organization with its social media efforts and staying steeped in social media trends, she was soon marketing for Edgenuity in 140 characters or less.