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Have a Steamy Affair with National Reading Month

Did you know it is National Reading Month? I just found out, myself.

I treat good books like brief love affairs.

I will stay up late to read a good book. I’ll take a good book with me for coffee or to dinner. I will think about the book obsessively when I’m not reading it. I’ll wonder what the characters are doing or how they’re feeling. I’ll dream about the book. When I finish the book, I’m slightly heartbroken that the experience is over. I’ll reminisce about the time the book and I shared, as though we created life-long memories. And, in some aspects, we did.

I’ve questioned the importance of material possessions with Tyler Durden, and I’ve explored a haunted hotel with Danny Torrance.

I know what it’s like to hear Holden Caulfield call someone a “phony,” and I can picture every member of the Joad family packed in truck travelling to California. I’ve questioned the importance of material possessions with Tyler Durden, and I’ve explored a haunted hotel with Danny Torrance.

I’ve been to other worlds, because of books…Worlds full of magic. And, that is why I’m excited about National Reading Month.

Throughout March people across the country are celebrating National Reading Month the best way there is: with books. This month you’ll find loads of book club gatherings, reading groups, library events, books on sale, and if you have a student, then you’ll probably hear a lot about literacy-based classroom activities.

If you’re an educator, then you can incorporate more reading into your classroom.
  • Pick a theme. For example, “Travel Across America.” Try to “visit” each state with a book.
  • Set goals. Give your students specific actions, such as reading for thirty minutes per day, each day.
  • Write. Writing improves reading comprehension, so ask your students to write a short story and then share the stories with each other.

To take part in this tryst yourself, I ask you to pick up a book. Slip away. Explore. Come back with a story to tell. Don’t do it just because it’s National Reading Month. Do it because reading can be a joyous, exhilarating, and enlightening experience.

And, when it’s over, and your heart is yearning for the next love affair, go cozy up with Shakespeare, Frost, Poe, or Eliot and get ready for National Poetry Month in April.

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Rae Palmer

Rae has a BS in Journalism and a MA in English from Northern Arizona University. She has served as an ESL/ELL teacher and one-on-one tutor, writing tutor, freshman success coach, English teacher, writer, and editor. As a teacher, she felt privileged to work with hundreds of students with varying skill levels in both an online and traditional classroom setting. As a writer, she covered the education industry both on a national and a district level. This experience has given her deeper insight into the ever-changing world of education. She continued to help all learners achieve their full potential during her tenure with Edgenuity.