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One School’s Increased Student Growth with Data Integration

For the past two years, Molly Roe, Principal at Morgan County R-I School District in Missouri, has worked to integrate technology into the classrooms of all of her students. Over 90% of her K–6 students are on the free and reduced lunch program, and these students have a wide variety of learning needs as well as limited access to technology outside of school. To better serve them, she’s committed to establishing a one-to-one program to bring technology to her students, and to help her teachers better personalize learning to give students exactly what they need when they need it.

Using the students’ scores on NWEA® MAP® Growth, Edgenuity® Hybridge® created individualized learning paths for each student to help them achieve maximum growth until the next testing period. Principal Roe mentioned that some students were disappointed in January when they realized their learning paths did not change much from the Fall to the Spring semester. This helped motivate them to work harder in the next semester, and pushed their teachers to integrate technology into the classroom more seamlessly to promote that growth.

At Morgan County, all students use Hybridge for 30 minutes of reading instruction and 30 minutes of math practice every day. Students and teachers meet regularly to discuss progress and help students take ownership of the learning process. Teachers also stay engaged with the system to understand how to use it to the fullest. Those who truly integrate Hybridge into their classes and curriculum have students who show growth that is markedly better than those who don’t understand the benefit or don’t incorporate the program into their instruction. But Principal Roe truly believes that teachers have a responsibility to their students’ next teacher to ensure they understand everything required in the grade level, and technology helps them accomplish that goal.

Principal Roe also believes that responsibility falls on administrators to provide resources that enable teachers to educate the variety of students in their classrooms at their individual skill levels. After evaluating several options, Morgan County’s instructional coaches and teachers determined Hybridge was the right tool for them. The focus on curriculum through in-depth questions and topics and alignment to standards helped Principal Roe feel comfortable with the tool from day one. And through continuous training over the past two years, she is seeing significant growth in the classrooms.

The ready-made learning paths in Hybridge take the pressure off of teachers so they can focus on small groups and individual instruction. Principal Roe specifically mentioned their success in the 2nd-grade money unit. This is one of the most difficult units for elementary teachers, but with Hybridge, students got instruction to help them build background knowledge before the teachers presented the unit in class. This made a huge difference for student learning, and the teachers found it gave them a jump start on one of the most challenging units, thus increasing student comprehension and giving them more class time for practice.

Principal Roe also emphasized the importance of teacher buy-in, and says that if teachers do not understand the power of the tools they are presented with, they will not use them to their fullest extent. Through extensive training, professional development, and biannual refreshers with Edgenuity, Morgan County has piqued teacher interest and implemented a successful program. The increased student growth they’ve seen with NWEA scores also illuminates the power of the program, and with consistent conversation and supports, Morgan County is bound to see more student success in the years to come.

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