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Five Tips for Motivating Teens to Read [Infographic]

We constantly hear (and read!) about the importance of reading for our children. Studies have shown that students who are below grade level in reading at the end of third grade have a lower chance of graduating from high school, and students who read over school breaks experience less learning loss and require less review time when school is back in session. So it’s important to ensure your students and kids are both able to read, and interested in doing so!

Reading for pleasure enhances academic performance, social engagement, and personal development in children young and old. Perhaps when your kids were younger, it was easy to sit down with them and read a book aloud, enjoying the quality time together and building a love of reading. But what can you do now that these kids are teenagers? There are many tips for engaging and motivating teens to read, including the 5 we talk about here!

Motivating Your Teen to Read infographic

Having both the ability and desire to read is key to success in school and in life. Reading opens up new possibilities for students, grows and satisfies their curiosities, connects them to timeless stories and current events, and helps them increase their vocabulary, as well as their overall knowledge. Helping children develop an interest in reading when they’re young will serve them well throughout their lives, so hopefully these tips will be helpful in the quest to motivate your teen to read. With a little extra nudging, your kids may find what they enjoy reading, and that love of reading will launch them into a lifetime of learning!


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Heidi Jones grew up in the Salt Lake City area, skiing and hiking in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and enjoying all the great outdoor activity available in Utah. She now lives in Northern Utah with her husband, two children, and dog. After earning a BA in English from Brigham Young University, Heidi taught English to middle and high school students. She obtained an MA in English from Weber State University and started teaching for Edgenuity in 2012. Heidi loves reading, and loves to pass on the love of reading to others. One of her favorite things is running into old students and hearing them tell her how one of the books they read in her class is still one of their favorites.