Learning Resources for Parents during COVID

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Understandably, many parents have felt overwhelmed at the idea of teaching their children while also working from home and balancing all of the other necessities of the new normal. With nearly 30 years’ experience helping students learn through the use of technology, Weld North Education CEO Jonathan Grayer offers resources for parents during COVID.

Even as districts create plans to reopen in the fall, school may never look the same, and a parent’s relationship to their student’s learning will also be forever changed, and Grayer emphasizes that parents are now becoming real education partners. With the additional data available with digital learning, they will have a vital role to play in personalizing their children’s learning.

Whether or not you plan to send your children back to school in the fall, we invite you to learn more about how you can support their learning and increase their educational success.

For additional tips, guidance, and resources for parents during COVID, visit the Weld North Education School Closure Resource page.

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