Edgenuity blended learning student on self-motivation and academic success
Inside the Classroom

Self-Motivation and Academic Success

Listen as Megan, a blended learning student, shares how online instruction made it possible for her to get years ahead of her peers in math. Not only was Megan able to be academically successful, she was also able to hold a job at the same time. Blended instruction has given Megan the drive to learn more and strive for greater academic goals.

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Debbie Malone

Debbie is an Arizona native and longtime resident of the Phoenix area. She has always had a passion for telling a good story and decided to study journalism and mass communication at Arizona State University where she earned her BA in 2009. Following graduation, she spent four years working as a web content writer before joining the Edgenuity family in 2014. Debbie is proud to be able to share the story of her time at Edgenuity and the company's efforts to propel students everywhere toward academic success and achievement. In addition to writing (both professionally and for fun), Debbie also enjoys reading, gaming, archery, and avoiding sunlight.