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Here’s What it Takes to Teach | Statistics on Teaching [Infographic]

Teachers in the US work with millions of students every year. They spend their time both inside and outside the classroom doing everything they can to set their students up for success from preschool through graduation, and beyond. And they do so much more than teach (which already takes a lot of time and effort!). Teachers also motivate students, guide them through classroom and at-home conflicts, recognize and reward success, and serve as positive role models, among many other things.

As you’ll learn below in our statistics on teaching infographic, almost all Americans believe that a good teacher can change the course of a student’s life. (We talked to some of those teachers this week!). And we’re sure that when you hear the words, “favorite teacher,” at least one or two names come to mind.

To help illustrate just how much goes into being a great teacher, we’ve summarized some powerful statistics on teaching. So the next time you talk to a teacher, make sure to thank them for everything they do both inside and outside the classroom!

Statistics on Teaching Infographic

There’s no limit to the number of ways you can show your appreciation and support for teachers. Some of the most common (and very appreciated) ways to start showing your gratitude are to donate school supplies and/or your time in the classroom. You can also vote accordingly to ensure your local teachers and students are getting the support they need. (Stay tuned this fall for our coverage of what’s on the 2018 ballot for education!)

Last year, we shared several other ways administrators and parents can celebrate teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week (or any time of the year!). For even more ways to help, you can also visit and, which recently fulfilled over 35,000 classroom project requests thanks to a $29 million donation. Thousands of new projects have already been posted and are ready for your help!


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