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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day in 2021

Teachers, it has been a tough year, but May has finally arrived, and with it, Teacher Appreciation Day! Though today and this week exist for administrators, students, families, and others to dedicate time to appreciating and honoring you and all the effort, love, and care you pour into working with your students, we hope you know how important and appreciated you are every day.

These last two years, you have taken so many changes in stride, and right now, you may even be thinking about preparing for next year. You learned how to use new technology, transformed your teaching and instructional practices, built meaningful relationships virtually, and established a classroom culture when your classroom no longer had walls. These are no small feats.

We at Where Learning Clicks and Edgenuity have always aspired to be the best partner and resource we can be for you. And we are privileged to work with so many incredible educators from across the country.

Thank you. It’s not said often enough, but we appreciate all that you do to make a difference in the lives of your students. To help you feel the appreciation today, we would like to share some quotes from Edgenuity users that illustrate just how much of an impact you have on both your students and your colleagues:

From Students

Alana, a senior in high school, said

The teachers here are like a second family to me. They’re always there and checking up on me. I was going through depression when I first started, and they were really there for me, even outside of school.

Andre, a senior in high school, said

Something I’ve definitely realized with Mr. G. and then with Miss Peggy, they have really put into perspective how much knowledge and learning in general can really help build a person, and build character.

Ira, a junior in high school, said

I love my teachers. They’re very supportive. I’ve had so much help from all of them. They do so much for me, and I’m really grateful for that.

Tacoma, a senior in high school, said

I am able to have adult conversations on a mature level with my government teacher. He doesn’t necessarily help me with my individual course, but [he] helps on the broader sense of life and the world around me. What he’s taught me will help me out in the real world that’s happening very soon.

From Colleagues

Lesley Clifton, Director of Online Learning at Classical Academy in California, said

Teachers…they’re open to new ideas. We say that our teachers are always in beta mode, so they’re never done. They’re always learning, trying, growing.

Diana Stein, Art Teacher at Classical Academy in California, said

One of the greatest compliments I got as a teacher was, I kind of love art history now because you love it so much. And that just filled my heart because that’s where I live. This is why I do this.

Tom Gutierrez, Teacher at Rio Rancho Cyber Academy in New Mexico, said

The thing I love most about teaching is that I can laugh every single day. I think the kids are hilarious. And if you can do that at your job, that’s a gift. And so I come in here and I laugh every day. I love it. I just love dealing with the kids. They say hilarious things. They’ll astonish you with how smart they are.

We know that for so many of you, teaching is much more than a career—it is something you dedicate your life to.

And for Teacher Appreciation Day in 2021 (and every other day of the year), know that we see you, we appreciate the work you do every day for your students, we are honored to partner with you, and we commit to doing our very best to ensure you have everything you need from us.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

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