Bringing Teachers and Online Curriculum Together [Video]

hand holding a heart iconIn February, educators from across the country joined together at our annual summit to discuss the best ways to use technology to transform learning, support teachers, and empower students. Little did we know that just a few short weeks later, the world of education would be turned upside down, and teachers and online curriculum would be used as a stopgap for what some would call, “the spring break that went on forever.” Now, the education technology products previously used for students in special circumstances are suddenly among the few remaining learning solutions available to the over 56 million students across the United States.

As planning for the 2020–2021 school year continues to unfold, online or virtual learning is going to be essential. And while governors, mayors, and district leaders are addressing issues of equity by providing devices and Internet access to students, educators—the ones who will be delivering curriculum and instruction in this new format—are left wondering how to successfully teach their students this year.

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Luckily, Edgenuity has been helping educate students from a distance for more than 20 years. The schools and districts we partner with have successfully paired teachers and online curriculum to improve student outcomes. But don’t take it from us, we talked to educators from across the country about why they chose online learning (back when it was a choice), and they share the many benefits and successes they’ve experienced firsthand.

And, although it’s become somewhat cliché to say these days, we truly are in this together. So if there is anything we at Where Learning Clicks can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Video by Jayme Griffiths and Emily Kirk

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