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Thank You Teachers from Edgenuity CEO Sari Factor

In the midst of a busy year, we rarely take the time to reflect on our accomplishments since the start of the school year. It’s time to celebrate our heroes—the teachers who give their hearts and souls to benefit students. The important relationship between teacher and student is the single greatest contributor to student success. A great teacher drives academic, social, and emotional growth to help students become lifelong learners and contributing citizens. Teaching involves a great deal of work, time, creativity, flexibility, and sacrifice, which is why for so many people, teaching is much more than a job.

My colleagues and I at Edgenuity® are grateful for all you do. We will continue our efforts to develop programs, solutions, and resources to help make your lives easier. The work of teachers is vital to today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce and leaders, so our mission to provide opportunity and access to high-quality education with technology remains as important as ever. From helping teachers become comfortable with education technology to working with early adopters to innovate, we will be there with to support you as you help students learn and grow.

So as we close the school year and celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, look back and relish your students’ growth and your own professional accomplishments. Thank you for being a teacher.

With gratitude,

Sari Factor

CEO, Edgenuity

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Sari Factor

Sari’s background affords her a uniquely qualified perspective on modern education. She’s held leadership positions at successful educational publishing and technology companies, including Kaplan, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, and Everyday Learning Corporation.