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Three Keys to Giving Students a Voice in a Blended Learning Classroom


1. Banish blended learning misconceptions.

Engaging all members of a traditional classroom equally can be a nearly impossible task. Creating balanced discussions and gauging student understanding solely in a face-to-face setting is challenging. Extroverted students might dominate in-class discussions while more introverted students remain hesitant to speak up. Teachers may be under the impression blended learning lessens communication in the classroom, but nothing could be further from the truth. Giving students a voice in a blended learning classroom is actually simpler than teachers might expect. Blended learning opens up new channels of communication, giving students time to develop their thoughts, and encourage authentic learning.


2. Embrace new methods of communicating.

With blended learning communication is no longer confined to a classroom. In a blended learning environment students and teachers can communicate through multiple modalities. E-mails, chats, discussion boards, forums, and other alternative means of communication are ideal for “late learners”, students who grasp the concept after the rest of the class, for students who excel faster than their peers, or for introverts who may be afraid to speak up. Online all students have an equal voice.


3. Use information to your advantage.

Boost the quality of face-to-face instruction by taking advantage of the tools blended learning programs offer. The real-time reports and monitoring functions allow teachers to immediately see where students are excelling and struggling. Teachers armed with real-time data on student understanding can use that information in one-on-one meetings, or to create more meaningful class discussions. Knowing exactly what concepts students are grasping or struggling with is a powerful tool that can be the basis for creating conversations that spark understanding.

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