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Three Reasons to Use Smartphones in the Classroom

Mobile devices are here to stay. If educators can embrace using mobile technologies to enhance and personalize learning, they can use them to engage students in new and innovative ways.

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1. Your students are already doing it.

While schools debate whether or not using smartphones in the classroom is beneficial, students are already using them and learning organically along the way. The way learning happens in the digital age is drastically different from how it used to be. Chances are your students are already using their phones as their own personal dictionaries, encyclopedias, and planners—and they are experts at it.

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2. Smartphones can actually enhance learning.

Teachers who can adapt lessons for the mobile lifestyle of today’s students can create new learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. Students can review audio or video-based lessons, take pictures of the day’s assignment on the board, and use apps to store, catalog, and annotate their notes. Teachers can even use smartphones in the classroom by using video chat to bring in guest lecturers.

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3. Smartphones are engaging.

With thousands of apps available, there is no shortage of mobile tools for learning. Teachers who are able to use new technology to make learning more engaging are better able to reach the kids in the back who tend to zone out of traditional lessons. As teachers embrace more interactive lessons utilizing mobile technologies, student engagement will rise.

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