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Three Simple Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

Finding different ways to use technology in the classroom can seem like a daunting task for busy teachers but the benefits are limitless. Utilizing technology in the classroom is an excellent way to engage students, give them control over their learning, and bring lessons to life, all while teaching them valuable life skills.

to use technology in the classroom, create multimedia lessons and assignmentsCreate Multimedia Lessons and Assignments

Liven up lessons by making them digital. Make a habit of doing a quick online search before you create a lesson to find simple ways to supplement your lessons with new and interesting resources. You can find videos, audio clips, photographs, virtual museum tours, and much more to help bring lessons to life. Making a PowerPoint presentation with photos, music, videos, and graphs can reinforce concepts and reach different types of learners. In turn, having your students complete multimedia projects and assignments ensures they have a deeper understanding of the subjects at hand.

to use technology in the classroom, listen to podcastsListen to Podcasts

Podcasts are a widely accessible way to supplement lessons. Listening to a professor’s lecture via podcast is like having a guest lecturer in your classroom. Or have students listen to an interview with the author of a book they are reading. You can even have your students create their own class podcast to document their progress throughout the year and discuss issues pertaining to their courses and community.

to use technology in the classroom, communicate onlineCommunicate Online

Teaching your students to communicate digitally is an important life skill and a great way to gauge student understanding. Students who are too shy to ask questions during class may feel more comfortable asking questions over e-mail and chat. Getting your class involved in a group chat, discussion board, or forum can also be a good way get a meaningful conversation started that’s not dominated by the class extroverts. Consider keeping a private class blog or website that students can routinely update to inspire discussion outside the classroom and serve as a resource for what they’ve learned so far.


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