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Returning to Learning: Tools for Building School Reopening Plans

There’s a lot to consider as you think about reopening your school doors. How can you satisfy CDC and local guidelines while supporting your students and staff? How easily can you pivot between in-person and online instruction? And critically, how can you address the learning loss resulting from school closures and get your students ready for the next grade level?

With more time to plan, thinking through different scenarios and challenges can help, as can utilizing tools for building school reopening plans. According to a Gallup poll from June, just under half of parents surveyed favor part-time or fully virtual schooling for the fall, and a USA Today/Ipsos poll conducted in late May found that 20% of teachers anticipated not returning to the school building in the fall. These numbers underline the importance of being adaptable and exploring the different ways your staff can offer instruction to your student body.

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Tools for Building School Reopening Plans

At the end of a typical summer, educators may be most concerned about learning loss and getting students ready for the new school year. This year, educators are dealing with much more pronounced learning loss, in addition to rapidly changing public health concerns and a school community full of worry.

Building and sticking to a single reopening plan that meets everyone’s needs and mollifies everyone’s worries is probably not possible. Instead, many schools are establishing multiple plans that involve in-person instruction and online curriculum so that they can more easily pivot between brick-and-mortar and online learning.

To help educators do this, Edgenuity® has developed a series of tools for building school reopening plans:

These tools for building school reopening plans are designed to help you think through anticipated and unexpected challenges, and create action plans and an infrastructure that includes digital curriculum so you can support your students, families, and staff no matter where learning takes place.

In addition to these resources, Edgenuity also offers continuity of learning solutions to help students both recover lost concepts and skills and review content and material they learned during a stressful and unusual time. Utilizing these solutions, and our vast library of professional development options, can provide you with resources to help lighten the load as you figure out how to do more with less over the coming months.

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