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Top New Books for Educators: See What’s Coming in June

Here are some of the top new books for educators being released in June:

Differentiated Coaching book cover

Differentiated Coaching: A Framework for Helping Educators Change, 2nd Edition
Jane A. G. Kise

Jane Kise takes you on a journey into differentiated coaching with a strength-based framework for understanding, appreciating, and working with people who may think differently from you. Through an online self-assessment tool, you will discover how your strengths and beliefs influence your coaching practice. Through examples, case studies, and reflection exercises, you will understand how to:

  • Tailor your coaching practices to meet the needs of each educator
  • Increase teacher willingness to implement new skills in their classrooms
  • Anticipate patterns of resistance and adjust both the content and delivery of professional development

Lead with Me book cover

Lead with Me: A Principal’s Guide to Teacher Leadership, 2nd Edition
Anita Pankake, Chuey Abrego

Lead with Me, 2nd Edition provides courageous principals with the tools for partnering with teachers in the student learning and improvement process. This practical guide explains the skills teacher leaders need and offers advice for principals who wish to engage teachers in learning these skills. Packed with stories and examples from educators in the field, this second edition explores how to:

  • Build mutual trust and accountability with teachers and faculty
  • Encourage and facilitate professional development
  • Carefully manage the distribution of power and authority by involving faculty members in decision-making

The revised second edition also provides a variety of helpful tools—PowerPoint presentations, reflection questions, activities for professional learning sessions, and annotated lists of additional resources—that can be downloaded as eResources.

The Power of Unstoppable Momentum book cover

The Power of Unstoppable Momentum: Key Drivers to Revolutionize Your District
Michael Fullan, Mark A. Edwards

This book details a simple but powerful process for integrating technology, pedagogy, and deep learning that leads to lasting change. Included are real examples of districts, including Mooresville Graded School District—a lowly funded, 50 percent poverty school district in North Carolina—that attained pedagogically driven, digitally accelerated success. In The Power of Unstoppable Momentum, you can:

  • Study how to form a strong cultural foundation that fosters student growth
  • Examine why human capital, social capital, and decisional capital are essential for sustaining deep learning
  • Discover the new thinking and actions that must underpin the use of technology in order to achieve the goal of improved learning for all students
  • Study eight core lessons from Mooresville Graded School District’s (MGSD) journey that are essential to effective cultural change efforts
  • Survey encouraging cases of lasting, deep whole-system change from MGSD and six districts that learned from MGSD’s example

What Makes a World-Class School book cover

What Makes a World-Class School and How We Can Get There
James H. Stronge, Xianxuan Xu

For years, students in the United States have lagged behind students in many other countries on such measures of achievement as the PISA and TIMSS assessments. In an increasingly globalized world, such a gap is worrisome. Armed with statistics, examples, and cautionary tales from Scandinavia to Japan, James H. Stronge and Xianxuan Xu have written a book that can help educators better prepare students and close that gap.

In What Makes a World-Class School and How We Can Get There, you will find:

  • Careful analysis of recent international assessment results—what they mean and what can be done to improve them
  • In-depth profiles of high-achieving education systems around the globe—their histories, their lessons learned, and what they can teach educators and policymakers in the United States
  • Strategies for aligning successful educational approaches from international systems to U.S. schools—which strategies to use, in which subjects, and with which students
  • Transformative ideas for cultivating a truly world-class system of schooling—both simple and complex ways to raise the bar for all students, no matter what their background

Educators in every country must ensure that their students are as prepared as possible to lead a future generation of citizens. This thought-provoking and copiously researched book provides educators with a blueprint for radical improvement based on the hard-learned experiences of their peers around the world.

The Wonder Wall book cover

The Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools and Organizations in an Age of Complexity
Peter Gamwell, Jane Daly

Sometimes our attempts to foster creativity can actually stifle it. Author Peter Gamwell, a former teacher and superintendent who has spent more than three decades studying creativity, shares a fresh perspective on how to nurture creativity, innovation, leadership, and engagement in a variety of settings.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Tap the creative and leadership potential in everyone
  • Think bigger by moving from a deficit model of thinking to a strength-based approach
  • Develop the lost arts of listening and storytelling to optimize learning
  • Handle the inevitable pushback and fear that transformational change can bring
Leading from Within bundle book covers The Wonder Wall will also be available as part of the publisher’s bundle, “Leading from Within,” which includes Teaching Kids to Thrive, by Debbie Thompson Silver and Dedra Stafford, and Releasing Leadership Brilliance, by Simon T. Bailey and Marceta F. Reilly.
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