Top New Books for Educators - December
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Top New Books for Educators

Be the ChangeBe the Change: Reinventing School for Student Success

Linda Darling-Hammond, Nicole Ramos-Beban, Rebecca Padnos Altamirano, Maria Hyler

Be the Change tells the remarkable story of an innovative public high school launched by dedicated teachers in East Palo Alto, California, one of a growing number of low-income communities starved of the resources needed to serve its students and schools. Chronicling a rags-to-riches story of how two very different communities came together to change the historical trajectory of educational failure that had robbed so many students of their futures, Be the Change demonstrates how to plant the seeds of new possibilities in its place. The school’s unique design, modeled after successful small schools in New York City, offers authentic and engaging instruction in a personalized setting that has allowed students who start off far behind to graduate and go on to college in record numbers. Each chapter examines one of the critical elements the teachers found essential to enable student success: the creation of an academic culture, the development of high standards with high supports, and the process of learning to teach so that students can learn. Filled with the deep knowledge of education leaders and a team of dedicated teachers, and guided throughout by the expertise of renowned educator Linda Darling-Hammond, this book will help improve student outcomes not just in East Palo Alto but in ALL schools.


Smarter Teacher LeadershipSmarter Teacher Leadership: Neuroscience and the Power of Purposeful Collaboration

Marcus Conyers, Donna Wilson

This pioneering book shares a fresh vision for school leadership that connects current knowledge from mind, brain, and adult learning research to the process of teacher development and leadership. The authors provide clear steps to enable and inspire teachers to embrace leadership and collaboration opportunities for improving instruction and student outcomes, and increasing professional satisfaction. To demonstrate the broad array of leadership pathways, a flexible “spectrum of teacher leadership” suggests the myriad ways for teachers to contribute to their school and community beyond their classrooms. This spectrum is illustrated with real-life examples of teacher leadership in practice. Smarter Teacher Leadership will guide teachers to bridge what has been discovered about the brain and how metacognitive, cognitive, and affective skills support learning, teaching, and leading to stimulate collaboration with colleagues and advocacy with administrators, parents, and the wider community.


How to Make Decisions with Different Kinds of Student Asessment DataHow to Make Decisions with Different Kinds of Student Assessment Data

Susan M. Brookhart

In this book, best-selling author Susan M. Brookhart helps teachers and administrators understand the critical elements and nuances of assessment data and how that information can best be used to inform improvement efforts in the school or district. Readers will learn:

  • What different kinds of data can—and cannot—tell us about student learning;
  • What different analyses reveal about changes in student achievement;
  • How to interpret, use, and share relevant data; and
  • How to create a model to go from problem to solution in a data-based decision-making process.

With easy-to-understand explanations, supplemented by examples and scenarios from actual schools, this book offers a path to better understanding, more accurate interpretation of assessment results, and—most important—more effective use of data to improve teaching and learning.


The Differentiated Flipped ClassroomThe Differentiated Flipped Classroom: A Practical Guide to Digital Learning

Eric M. Carbaugh, Kristina J. Doubet

In the flipped classroom, students need to do more than simply re-watch a video to learn effectively. This groundbreaking guide helps you identify and address diverse student needs within the flipped classroom environment. You will find practical, standards-aligned solutions to help you design and implement carefully planned at-home and at-school learning experiences, all while checking for individual student understanding.

Learn to differentiate learning for all students with structured, research-based best practices to help you:

  • Integrate flipped learning and differentiated instruction
  • Use technology as a meaningful learning tool
  • Implement flexible planning and grouping
  • Proactively use ongoing formative assessments
  • Adjust instruction to support, challenge, and motivate diverse learners
  • Manage the differentiated flipped classroom

Includes practical examples and a resource-rich appendix. Make your flipped classroom a true place of learning with this go-to guide!


The Collapse of ParentingThe Collapse of Parenting: How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown-Ups

Leonard Sax

An acclaimed expert on parenting and childhood development argues that kids today are suffering because their parents are no longer in charge—and explains what parents and educators can do to reverse this trend.

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