What’s Up With… Adaptive Learning? [Video]

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Watch our video to find out… What’s Up with Adaptive Learning?


Animation and voice by Sean Haas.

Adaptive learning can be broken down into two categories: Adaptive Assessment + Adaptive Instruction.

Adaptive assessments are computer-based assessments that alter the questions a student receives based on his or her response to the previous question. The difficulty of questions will increase as a student answers them accurately, while the questions become easier if the student struggles to answer correctly.

Adaptive instruction looks at a student’s specific answer and responds with unique hints and feedback based on that answer. Adaptive instruction provides explanatory, answer-specific feedback based on each student’s unique response.

As you can see, adaptive learning does so much more than simply mark answers as correct or incorrect. It responds to students in real-time with individualized instruction and tailored feedback that empowers higher-order thinking skills, drives deeper understanding, and accelerates learning.

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