Will Technology Replace Teachers? Find Out What Educators Think [Video]

We firmly believe technology will never replace the teacher. On the contrary! In the hands of a good teacher, technology creates new possibilities for reaching students of all ages, skill levels, and needs as well as for personalizing instruction like never before. As one of the many tools in an educator’s back pocket, technology frees teachers up to have one-one-one conversations with their students and drill down to their individual needs.

We sat down with some educators who have been incorporating technology into their schools and districts for years to get some insight on the evolving role of the teacher. When asked point blank, “Will technology replace teachers?” many laughed out loud! They all agreed that not only does technology not replace teachers, but it actually empowers teachers to connect with students in ways that were impossible before. Watch the video below to learn why these educators believe so strongly that technology both cannot and will not replace teachers, and then read more about the other insights they shared about bringing technology into the classroom.

Video by Emily Kirk and Jayme Griffiths

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